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Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine - Matter of Time II

Kevin Devine - Matter of Time II

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Matter Of Time II is the second live studio album from Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band. It's available for purchase here, and rather than writing my own product description, I will leave you with a short essay that Kevin wrote about the recording of the album (see at bottom). But first, some admin notes:

  • Matter Of Time II is a 12" LP pressed on three color variants. You can see the colors if you scroll down to the pressing info, plus preview photos enclosed. It has 13 songs in total, spanning Kevin's career -- tracklist if you scroll.
  • The original Matter Of Time is available on a second pressing as well -- find this in our webstore.
  • The new album also has some merch items available -- a tote bag and a slipmat. You can find these in our webstore.
  • Pick up a digital copy of the record on Bandcamp.

Pressing info:
250 - White & Blue Galaxy
300 - Clear & Red Cloudy
450 - White with Blue & Red Splatter

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Matter Of Time II is one of those recordings it takes a weekend to make, but three years to put in place.

Zack and I started gently kicking the idea around in 2018, going back and forth about song selections, potential studios, visual presentation, waiting for a window. One of the unintended byproducts of a forced two-year hard stop to touring was more of those windows materializing. Planning picked up steam through the second half of 2020.

We threw our hat over the wall and booked some time at Dreamland for February 2021, where we'd done drums for Bubblegum in 2013 - truly the perfect room for this project in this moment, a big converted church with massive, unbeatable natural acoustic ambience, plenty of sonic isolation and space to spread out to facilitate live recording.

I reached out to Damon, Strand & Chris, shared the tracklist, had some - maybe three - rehearsals in Brooklyn.

The Covid of it all was very much (obviously) at the forefront - those rehearsals and tracking were pre-vaccination and very much masked and distanced and angling myself towards a wall while singing so as to not accidentally spray anyone across the room.

Meals in as open spaces as possible, mindful of facial direction and sorta wolfing things down and then remasking.

It's bizarre, it's reality, it's suboptimal, and still, given all the precautions, it felt so good to be working on music with people in the same room, a clear contrast to a very fruitful, very specific passage working essentially totally remotely on the No One's Waiting Up For Me Tonight EP, my monthly Patreon recordings, and the tenth studio record.

I have experienced real growth and benefit through those processes, but there is no substitute for standing in front of collaborators and hammering it out.

Especially hammering *this* out: an intuitive, seasoned, connected group of players (who also happen to be friends) in an immaculate-sounding room running through a few takes of material ranging from four months to 18 years old. It was adrenalized and enlivening and purely joyful.

A note about the band: Damon, Mike, and Chris are each and all so *good,* so fluid & dynamic & expressive, with such depth of immersion in my songwriting brain and all of our various iterations of its collaborative articulation over the arc of a career.

Their abilities informed a total confidence heading into this process, despite the clear difference in methodology between "a handful of rehearsals and let's go" and the three uninterrupted months of touring I did with Mike Fadem, Daniel Sparks and Strand before we made the first Matter Of Time in May 2012.

I believe the results speak for themselves. I love what we've made; it feels exciting and alive, a vital document getting its arms around an entire timeline and translating it to a single moment.

We never anticipated the first MOT would grow to hold the high place it does in the estimation of so many of you; we hope this one earns its keep and slots neatly at its side.

1. I Used To Be Someone
2. She Can See Me
3. No Why
4. Not Over You Yet
5. Little Bulldozer
6. Bubblegum
7. You're My Incentive
8. Only Yourself
9. No History
10. School (Nirvana Cover)
11. Nobel Prize
12. No One's Waiting Up For Me Tonight
13. Redbird


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